Habitat Composer for Natural England

Habitat Composer for Natural England

The problem

A farm's level of EU subsidy now depends on environmental outcomes, so how do you help farmers manage land in environmentally friendly ways?

CDA and Telltale (a design agency and conservation consultants respectively) knew what they wanted to achieve, but not how to go about it. This isn't quite your usual website.

The solution

An online collaborative drawing application that allows conservation experts and the farmer to both work on the same drawing at the same time and build up a picture of how to manage their land better. A picture can be saved online for future development or output to PDF so that it can be printed and the farmers can pin up the drawing to see how they are doing.

The people we’ve shown it to are so impressed that several more agencies including Scottish Natural Heritage have signed up to use it and fund phase two of development.

You can see it at www.habitatcomposer.com
username: test@test.com
password: test

We continue to work with CDA and Telltale on this and other projects.

Technical detail

Flash and Flash media server layer handle drawing and collaboration functions, underpinned by ASP.net and XML middleware layer that handled fetching and carrying from the SQL server database and production of PDF outputs.

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