Flash to accessible HTML for WarpX

Flash to accessible HTML for WarpX

The problem

WarpX is the film-making offshoot of seminal Sheffield record label Warp Records. WarpX approached We Love The Web through an introduction from Designer's Republic. They needed us do an accessible version of their site. This design, developed as a flash site by another design agency (not DR) ran into problems when they realized it wasn't in the least accessible and fell foul of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The solution

Our task was to take the flash site and turn it into an accessible HTML content managed site, but without losing the original design. We won the contract by demonstrating that we could preserve the existing design whilst moving to HTML, something that WarpX had been told wasn't possible.

Technical details

We've managed to remain remarkably faithful to the original design, losing only the animated transitions of the flash site. All templates are AA grade accessible. It can now be indexed by search engines too.

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